Paid Search Complexity

Running a paid search campaign, also known as pay per click (PPC), requires a lot of time and attention.

Google Ads is the biggest player in the PPC game and at first it may seem fairly user friendly, but without proper management it is easy to quickly squander your budget without generating a single prospect. Even when you know enough to get by, competition online is fierce, change is constant and you can easily be left behind.

Maximize Your Results

Maximize Your Results

At RozNix, our entire business is founded on getting the best results for you - spending each dollar as if it were our own. With scalability and growth constantly on our mind, our Google Ads and Bing certified team relentlessly stays on top of the latest trends, tools and best practices.

We ensure you get the best possible results from your budget while giving you the flexibility to focus your valuable time on running your business.

Free Advice

Free Advice

Whether you’d like to start advertising online or feel that your current efforts might be in need of some improvement, let us give you our opinion. At the very least, you’ll get great free advice with no strings attached.

How we ensure your success:

In-Depth Understanding
Of Your Goals

in order to identify your target market online and measure exact ROI with proper conversion tracking.

Account Structure

development which is critical for a high quality score and ultimate success online.

Proper Account

such as ad-extensions, negative keywords and other items often overlooked but which heavily impact performance.

Constant Testing
And Optimization

with a relentless focus on driving ever more qualified traffic at a steadily decreasing cost per conversion.

Clear, Easy To
Understand Reporting

showing measurable results, actionable recommendations and leading to better performance.

Account Manager

that stays on top of the latest industry developments and how they can improve your results further.

If you have an existing ppc account, we'll perform a no-nonsense assessment for free

Get your free consultation today

Trust RozNix to do the heavy lifting by reducing your costs, increasing qualified traffic and ultimately maximizing your ROI. Let us provide you a free, no-nonsense assessment, and if Paid Search isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you.

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